12-21 October 2009
11 very interesting free online
webinars in usability and UX
by leading international experts

How to participate?

Participation in the Usability Marathon is free. All the webinars are in English.

You only need to register for a webinar (or several ones), receive a link to the page where the webinar will take place and join it a bit in advance to have enough time to set up an application (GoToWebinar).

Time of the webinars

The webinars are scheduled according to Moscow time (UTC+4 — summer time). You can check your local time of each webinar at the corresponding registration page:

We also indicate Internet time of each webinar that you can check at Swatch global converter page

How to register?

  • Go to the page of a webinar you would like to attend at the Marathon website, press the button «Register».
  • Fill in the form at the registration page.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your unique link to the webinar page. You will be able to add the webinar to your Outlook® calendar in a couple of clicks.

Please note: registration will be closed 3 hours prior to the beginning of the webinar.
Please note: if you would like to take part in several webinars you need to register for each one of them.

How to join a webinar?

  • Click «Join Webinar» link from your confirmation email or Outlook appointment several minutes before the beginning in order to have enough time to set up an application — GoToWebinar.
  • The application should start downloading automatically; however your browser may ask you for a confirmation.


  • To listen to the webinar you will need speakers or headphones.
  • To ask any questions in a voice chat, you need to have a microphone, if you are uncomfortable with the text chat.
  • For a better quality of audio connection please use USB-headset.

During a webinar

  • Every webinar will take approximately one hour and 30 minutes inclusive of time for audience questions.
  • Microphones of all participants (except speakers and organizers) will be muted by default.
  • We suggest asking questions in the GoToWebinars text chat in order to make webinars more time-efficient for all the participants. However, if you wish to ask a speaker orally, you will need to «Raise hand» so that the organizers could switch on your microphone and you could talk.

Download Quick Reference Guide (PDF 110K)

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