12-21 October 2009
11 very interesting free online
webinars in usability and UX
by leading international experts

We would like to thank all the guest speakers and participants of the Usability Marathon 2009 for enthusiasm and participation!

Results of the online runs and video recordings of the webinars are being prepared.
Please follow the updates at the website and announcements on Twitter.
We would appreciate your feedback and questions : +7 495 366 68 48 or marafon@uidesign.ru
It is recommended to have some rest and vitamin C to recover!

Unlike last year, the Usability Marathon 2009 will consist of a series of online webinars, where international usability and user experience gurus are going to give live talks.
Participation is free.
All webinars are in English.

Usability Marathon News

Good news! Video of one of the webinars by Jeff Sauro — Measuring User Efficiency — is back and will be available for the website visitors.

Unfortunately, we still do not know if we would be able to upload video of Paul Shermans webinar. Good news we have uploaded the webinar on search interfaces by Amy Cueva.

We would like to thank Jeff Sauro again for allowing us to upload video recordings of his webinars to the Internet. However, we agreed that videos will be available till 1 December. So we took them away from the website.

We continue uploadeing videos of the Usability Marathon webinars. Kim Goodwin's webinar on how to bring interaction, visual, and industrial design together is available now.

Video of Tim Bosenick's webinar on how to measure UX has been uploaded.

Jeff's webinar on measuring user efficiency has been uploaded and will be available till 01 December 2009.

More videos are coming. Jeff Sauro's webinar on how to apply statistics to usability testing will be available till 01.12.2009. Happy World Usability Day!

Video recording of the webinar by Susan Wolfe (Optimal Experience, Australia) on UX Vision, Strategy and Teams is now available at the webinar's page.

Enjoy the video of the webinar by Bill Albert, Bentley University, USA!

We are starting to publish video recordings of the Usability Marathon. Video of Robert Schumacher's webinar is now available.

Congratulations to the winners of the lottery: Svetlana Chystyakova (Kharkov, Ukraine), Michael Seidel (Milwaukee, USA) and Sandeep Rathod (Mumbai, India)! Unfortunately, they did not attend the lottery, but we will send them the great news and the books!

Important! We are going to raffle the books (provided by Bob Schumacher and Dan Szuc) on Wednesday, 28 October at 5 pm Moscow time. If you have attended at least 3 webinars you should have received an invitation to take part in the lottery. If you have not, please contact us: marafon@uidesign.ru.

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