12-21 October 2009
11 very interesting free online
webinars in usability and UX
by leading international experts

Usability or Strategic User Experience?

Paul Sherman | Sherman Group User Experience, USA

Usability testing is not equal to a good user experience. Strategic UX planning and design can yield a unified and consistent user experience. Paul will explain the difference between the two notions using an example of a past project (a desktop application). In the second part of the webinar he would expand on the strategic user experience and the main steps of this approach. It is quite a challenge to alter a vision of the whole company. Paul has an experience of introducing innovative methods and programs in the companies, so he would share some advice on how to make the company change for a strategic user experience.

Wednesday, 14 October, 06:00 pm (UTC+4) or @625.beats

Webinar is over

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Paul Sherman | Sherman Group User Experience, USA

Founder and Principal Consultant at Sherman Group User Experience.

Founding President of the UPA Dallas/Fort Worth chapter, member of the UPA's Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

12-year experience in usability and user-centered design: UI design of telecommunications management applications, banking, accounting and tax preparation applications, Web-based financial planning and portfolio management applications, and ecommerce Web sites. Led research of human factors in aviation.

Co-authored of Usability Success Stories: How Organizations Improve by Making Easier-to-Use Software and Web Sites, writes a regular column for the online user experience magazine UXmatters and his own UsabilityBlog.com.

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