12-21 October 2009
11 very interesting free online
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Designing a Unified Experience: Bringing Interaction, Visual, and Industrial Design Together

Kim Goodwin | Cooper, USA

Interaction design, visual design, and industrial design are distinct disciplines for good reason: Each excels in different ways. Interaction designers must be good at imagining structure and flow, which requires strong analytical skills and a high degree of rigor, especially for complex systems. Visual designers and industrial designers are masters of visual and physical usability but are also masters of emotion: they know how to evoke caution, attract attention, and instill desire for a product at first glance. Users have just one experience of a product, though. All three aspects of the design must work in concert, or the product will fail to satisfy.

Wednesday, 21 October, 08:00 pm (UTC+4) or @709.beats

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Kim Goodwin | Cooper, USA

Vice-president, Design and General Manager at Cooper.

Kim leads an integrated practice of interaction, visual, and industrial designers and has led the development of the acclaimed Cooper U design curriculum. Kim knows the design world from multiple angles; she worked as a designer and an in-house creative director before joining Cooper eleven years ago.

Kim has led projects involving a tremendous range of design problems, including web sites, complex analytical and enterprise applications, phones, medical devices, services, and even organizations.

Kim is very popular as an author and as a speaker at conferences and companies around the world. Her new book Designing for the Digital Age was released this year.

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