12-21 October 2009
11 very interesting free online
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Measure User Experience

Tim Bosenick | SirValUse, Germany

Qualitative studies allow receiving quick and valid feedback that is needed during the development process of an interface. Another reason is that qualitative tests are usually cheaper than tests with a larger sample size. But this larger sample size is needed when it comes to really «measure» user experience.

More and more interfaces are «running» and need continuous improvement. Therefore a UX measurement tool can help to calculate the impact of the optimization actions. It is more and more important to understand the behavior of users in their natural context, e.g. how they surf the internet to look for information to prepare a purchase.

During the session, Tim will tell when and why a quantitative approach might be better than a purely qualitative study and present several studies that SirValUse ran in the last year to measure the user experience with large sample sizes.

Friday, 16 October, 12:30 pm (UTC+4) or @395.beats

Webinar is over

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Webinar video


Tim Bosenick | SirValUse, Germany

Founder and Managing Director of SirValUse.

More than 10 years in usability and user experience.

Main areas of interest are: development of new testing methods, standardisation of international usability tests and the quantification of usability / user experience.

Active member of UXalliance international network of major usability companies and professional organizations, such as the German Chapter of the UPA.

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