12-21 October 2009
11 very interesting free online
webinars in usability and UX
by leading international experts

Selling UX

Daniel Szuc | Apogee, Hong Kong, China

Imagine we need to sell UX to an organization. Not all organizations have the same level of interest and receptiveness to UX. Some just dont care.

What should we know about an organization that will help us sell UX more effectively? What sort of questions should we ask about the organization, its people and its culture? What can we learn from organizations where UX has become part of the corporate DNA? What factors can increase our chances of promoting UX successfully to an organization now and in the future?

This presentation will tap into more than 10 years of experience in selling UX into different markets and organizations. We will share the successes, pitfalls and failures.

Tuesday, 13 October, 11:00 am (UTC+4) or @334.beats

Webinar is over

Feel free to send your questions to the speaker beforehand using our LiveJournal community

Daniel Szuc | Apogee, Hong Kong, China

Principal Usability Consultant at Apogee.

Vice President of the Usability Professionals Association (UPA).
Co-author of Usability Kit, an implementation guide providing best practices and guidelines for usability teams and author of several contributions to leading internet resources in UX.


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